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The Creaky Cauldron
The Creaky Cauldron   The Creaky Cauldron   The Creaky Cauldron   The Creaky Cauldron

Do you scare easily? Do you have what it takes to wander through three floors of eerie room settings with a creepy Christmas twist in England's most haunted museum and visitor experience? Are you prepared to deal with the ghostly presences that you might encounter? If so, then read on......

From the moment that you purchase your ticket until the moment you leave we can promise you a visit of unnerving theatricality set within the disorientating walls of a genuinely haunted building! Three separate experiences that all have one thing in common..... Witchcraft!

There are a number of events at the Creaky Cauldron which takes place throughout the week -
The Stratford Witchcraft Murders & The Wyrd Museum
The Wizards of Henley Street & The Wizardology Museum
The Ghosts of Bombay Manor - Stratford's premier scare attraction

With the Creaky Cauldron you don't just watch the experience... you're part of it!
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