The Brass Rubbing Centre, Stratford upon Avon

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Stratford upon Avon Brass Rubbing Center
Stratford upon Avon Brass Rubbing Center            

Churches throughout England contain Medieval and Tudor brasses illustrating the knights and ladies,scholars,merchants and priests of the past, often laid down as portraits in memory of the dead. They are accurate 'postcards of the past' telling us about social custom, armour, dress, trades, professions and families. Stratford's Brass Rubbing Centre is ideal for history buffs (including groups and disabled) and allows visitors a unique insight into this fascinating 350 year period of history, with brass facsimiles which can be rubbed according to choice. Friendly instruction and specialist materials are available, so why not leave the town with a rubbing of Shakespeare, Henry VIII or a Celtic design- a truly distinguished memento?

An easy and rewarding pastime, brass rubbing can provide a beautiful home decoration or gift in less than an hour.

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