Hall's Croft

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Hall's Croft
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Hall's Croft stands yards away from Shakespeare's burial place, Holy Trinity Church, in the Old Town area. Home to Shakespeare's daughter Susanna and her husband, the respected local physician, Doctor John Hall (after whom the house is named), the oldest part of the house dates from the early part of the 16th century. Originally a relatively small building, it was later enlarged to provide a suitably imposing residence for the eminent Dr Hall.

Now home to a collection of 16th and 17th century paintings and furniture, the house is typical of a middle class family such as that of John and Susanna Hall. It also houses an exhibition about Dr Hall and the medical practices employed during his time, and the walled garden contains a variety of plants, trees and herbs that he may well have used in his treatments. John and Susanna Hall later moved to New Place, which William Shakespeare left to his daughter after his death- see New Place/Nash's House.

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