Anne Hathaway's Cottage

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Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Situated in Shottery, a mile west of Stratford Anne Hathaway's Cottage was the pre-marital home of William Shakespeare's future wife. Although Actually a substantial, twelve-roomed, Elizabethan building originally known as Newlands Farm, the building has changed very little since Anne Hathaway's time. Parts of the building date back further than the 15th century and, as the cottage was built on a slope, parts of the building sit at different levels.

The atmosphere of Shakespearean times is admirably retained, with many 16th century fireplaces still in place.The remains of the original Great Hall still exist and one bedroom contains an Elizabethan wooden bedstead, with a mattress of rush cords threaded onto the wooden frame. It is said that it was in this bed that Anne Hathaway was born.

The cottage was purchased from the Hathaway family by The Birthplace Trust in 1892. The new owners restored much of its original character including the original open hearth fireplace, beside which is an old wooden settle upon which it is believed that William Shakespeare courted Anne Hathaway. In 1969 the cottage was severely damaged by fire, but was,once again, successfully reclaimed by The Birthplace Trust.
The beautiful English gardens and adjoining orchard are worth a visit, too, as is a nearby tree garden planted in honour of the Bard. Nestled as it is on the edge of the Arden Forest, it is easy to see how Shakespeare, wandering along the many footpaths from Stratford to Shottery to visit his love, would have been inspired to write many of his most famous plays.

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