Edward Moon Restaurant, Stratford upon Avon

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Edward Moon Restaurant

Edward Moon was a travelling chef who worked for the British Colonial service in the early 19th Century. His adventures took him to far away places where he cooked for governors and ambassadors, taking them back to their homeland with every British-flavoured mouthful. As well as being an expert in English cuisine, he was also very creative and embraced all the different ingredients and cooking styles he encountered. Today this restaurant pays homage to Edward Moon’s life by serving a plethora of English dishes, alongside some internationally influenced creations.

Located next to many of Stratford’s key historic sites, Moon’s (as it is locally known) is an ideal place for relaxing. The charming period building draws you in and presents a wide variety of fresh local ingredients, carefully prepared and served with pride. Come and sample our wide range menu especially the renowned ‘comfort food favourites’, inspired by Mr Moon’s travels.

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